Maximize the investment in your training, emergency drills, presentations, conferences and group events using Feedback Manager. Feedback Manager harnesses the power of group knowledge with easy to understand deep learnings. Imagine the value of capturing the insights from an entire audience from their smart phones, tablets and laptops. Collect observations in real time, rank and distill them into actions afterwards to get exactly the knowledge you seek.

Feedback Manager is both a tool and a service. We work with you to customize the system for your specific event, and again post-event to analyze and distill the raw data into key learnings and actions. We also offer full training so you can use Feedback Manager on your own.

  • Solicits feedback on exactly what you want to know by customizing options around your event
  • Collects detailed feedback while it’s top of participant’s minds with easy to use Web-based interface
    • Access from any web-enabled device
    • Review and edit your feedback at any time
  • Data is easy to extract and sort
  • Export to MindManager® for in depth analysis and learnings capture
  • Emergency Response Drills
  • Group Training
  • Conferences/Presentations
  • Technology and Project Evaluation

MindManager is a registered trademark of MindJet